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Hide-A-Way Hills Committees

Hide-A-Way-Hills Club is operated by a volunteer Board of Trustees elected by the membership. The amenities are supported by volunteers chairs who manage various committees. The committees give the membership opportunities to meet other members and to raise improvement funds for committee amenity projects.

Latest News

Activities for Youth

Crafts Activity

Contact: Carrie Ankney, 937-267-4288, hahyouth@gmail.com.

Interested members can also join this group's Facebook page by contacting Carrie. This committee uses a Facebook page for discussion and planning. Contact Carrie if you would like to join this Facebook page.

No set meeting time.


Adopt an Area

Youth Organization 2

Contact: Sue and Ken Badertscher, 419-680-4408, suebads1@gmail.com

Members of this committee adopt a specific area of the hills and work to improve its aesthetics. These efforts include the flower plantings and landscaping at the front entrance, security, the Club House, the Borah Hill Gate, the Bremen Gate, North Dock area, and the Lodge. Members also help maintain areas around
Lakes Deer Foot, Arrowhead, and Tomahawk, and at the Butterfly Garden. Other members pick up trash along other roadways, and whip weeds where needed.


No Set Meeting Time



Image by Szabina Gerencsér

Contact: Lanette Kilbarger, 614-561-4876, boomgirl70@gmail.com

This committee oversees the Hide-A-Way hills airstrip, a private natural turf runway provided for members use. The field elevation of this strip is 780 feet above sea level; the grass landing strip is 100 feet wide and 2,350 feet long. The The airport offers a tie-down area adjacent to the windsock. The airport is a daylight strip only. Visual Flight Rules only.


No set meeting time



Red Barn

Contact: Angie Ryan, 740-569-0264, my3weelambs@gmail.com and

                Mary Kay Banville, 740-243-5265, mkbanville@gmail.com

This committee oversees Hide-A-Way Hills oldest facility, the horse barn. Given the construction techniques and timbers used, experts believe the barn is well over 150 years old. The barn was originally part of a farm on a Hocking Country Road which is now a part of the roads in Hide-A-Way Hills. The barn offers a limited number of stalls at no cost to its members who must maintain and feed their own horses.


No set meeting time.



Church Pews

Contact: Teresa Jordan, 614-554-1147, teresa-jordan@hotmail.com

Located near the Lodge, the Chapel in the Pines offers a non-denominational, Christ-centered worship service on Sundays from Memorial Day through Labor Day at 10:30 a.m. Rainy day services are held in the Great Room in the lower level of the Lodge. There is also a special Candlelight Service held on Christmas Eve at 5 pm in the Lodge dining room. The Chapel is the perfect setting for an outdoor wedding. Check with the Hide-A-Way Hills office for details.


No set meeting time




Contact: Ginger Reed, 740-569-0286, greed1@frontier.com

Every other year, the Communication Committee solicits advertising for the HAH Directory. In addition to a numerical and alphabetical listing of members, the Directory contains a history of HAH and the micro-brewery and a listing describing our amenities and the facilities. In addition, the Committee brings a group of musicians to Hide-A-Way Hills from the Lancaster Festival Orchestra every summer. The concert is free and open to members and their invited guests. Concerts are held in the amphitheater or in the Lodge.

No set meeting time.


Food Service/Finance

Image by dylan nolte

Contact: Jim Sigafoose, 937-707-9501, magnumatving@yahoo.com

No set meeting time.


Fun, Food, Fellowship

Summer Fun

Contact: Kathy Clevenger, 614-306-8992, Clevenk2003@yahoo.com
This is a subcommittee of the Food Services Committee.

No set meeting time.




Contact:  Eric Boysko, 614-401-3014, ericboysko@yahoo.com

The Golf Committee strives for continuous improvement of the golf course to enhance the quality of play for all members and their guests and the overall aesthetics of the course.   The Committee works with the HAH General Manager and course maintenance personnel to maintain and improve the courses playing conditions.  It raises funding to fund needed improvements to the course and facilities in addition to the annual budget that it receives. The committee develops an annual schedule of tournaments and events for the enjoyment of all members and guests. They encourage members and guests alike to respect the golf course and understand and obey the rules. The Committee provides opportunities for all members to volunteer to help maintain and improve the golf course on workdays and on other occasions.  

Meeting Schedule: 1st Tuesdays, 7:00 pm, Clubhouse (Typically April-Oct)/Great Room (Nov to March)

See Golf Tournament Schedule - open to everyone - Come meet some new friends and enjoy your course!


Health & Wellness


Contact: Joe Williams, 740-808-7621, Joeywilliams@gmail.com

The HAH Health & Wellness Committee has just completed a new website to provide timely updates.  Visit http://www.HAHfitnesscenter.com/index.html to learn more.


They have also been busy compiling resources for a more active stay-at-home lifestyle during the COVID-19 pandemic while preparing for an eventual opening of the new HAH Fitness Center.


Check out these great stay-at-home fitness resources: http://www.hahfitnesscenter.com/resources.html



Fishing Float

Contact: Sue Pyle, 740-569-6209, rosiepyle@frontier.com

This committee oversees the annual pontoon boat launch in the spring and the autumn pontoon boat take-out.  Each summer, it hosts a Tadpole Contest for HAH children ages 4 to 12. The Committee also participates in or advises on projects like stocking the lakes with fish, lake dredging, fundraisers, and environmental and safety issues. Guests and new volunteers are welcome.


Meetings: First Thursday, 7:00 p.m., Lodge Great Room


The Long Rang Planning Committee (LRPC)

Fishing Float

Contact: Ken Yost, 614-716-9210, kyost1@columbus.rr.com

The Long Range Planning Committee (LPRC) is an advisory committee charged to review all operations of Hide-A-Way Hills Club and how those operations need to be adjusted to meet changing requirements for the future. Strategic and forward thinking is essential to fulfilling their charge.


The annual update of the Five-Year Plan has been the primary advisory document for the past several years.  Click here to view the 5 year plan.


In addition, the Committee has conducted surveys of other lake communities to draw comparisons for mutual benefits. The Commitee also periodically reviews rules and regulations to assess their relevancy.

Meeting Schedule:  2nd Tuesday of each month at 5:00pm in the Great Room

Meeting Schedule: 2nd Tuesdays, 5:00 p.m.

Great Room


New Member

First Time Membership

Contact: Marty Gossett, 614-264-9639, martygossett@yahoo.com

The New Member Committee actively engages with new HAH members through education of resources, volunteerism, activities and community policies.


We provide new member guides for essential HAH information and coordinate a yearly reception to help introduce new members to all the amenities and great people in our community.


Meetings: Second Monday, 7:30 PM, Clubhouse


Organic Garden


Contact: Greg Ptacin, 614-214-4654, HAHgardencommittee@gmail.com

Contact: Greg Ptacin, HAHgardencommittee@gmail.com, 614-214-4654

The Organic Garden was formed in Spring 2011. Charter members invested days of time and effort into converting a mostly clay and weed filled section of Area 54 into a lush vegetable, fruit, herb, and flower garden in Hide-A-Way Hills. Garden members are assigned individual beds and plant in wide-row beds using organic methods. Each gardener also puts in service hours to help maintain the overall garden.   It is enclosed in a deer-proof fence and features a shed, water tower and water tanks around the garden area.  
The Garden Committee hosts a Garden, Arts and Crafts Fest each year to support the purchase of garden supplies and equipment. The Fest features our very own Hide-A-Way Hills talented members as vendors.   Interested members are encouraged to contact the Committee Chair for bed availability.




ATV on Dirt

Contact: Jon Lee, 740-972-4987, jonleecolumbus@gmail.com

The Off Road Vehicle Committee was formed in August 2012 to address safety issues involving the use of ATVs and golf carts on Club roads. The goal of the committee is to educate drivers on safe use, provide a good off-road track near the airport that will lessen use of Club Roads, eliminate misuse and maintain a pleasant living environment for all members. All interested members are invited to attend this committee's meetingsnfo pending

Meetings: 2nd Monday, 7:00 p.m., Clubhouse



Shooting Targets

Contact: Dwain Mickey, 614-554-0366, dwain.mickey@bexleyschools.org

The Range Committee manages the shooting range which is available to members and their guests by appointment with a range officer. The Committee sponsors community events for avid shooters and beginners. These include demonstrations with opportunities to shoot with oversight by an experienced range officer, turkey shoots, shotgun sports, and pistol and .22 caliber rifle competitions.


Interested members can contact HAH security at 740-569-4187 for a list of range officers.


A range officer must be present during all shooting. Range officers are volunteers and must have 48 hours notice of your intended reservation. The more notice that is given, the more likely you can be accommodated. Rules for shooting at the range are available at the HAH security building at the front entrance or at the HAH office in the Lodge.


Safety is the overriding concern at the range. The range officer in charge at the range has complete authority regarding all activity while the shooting flag is raised.

Meetings: 3rd Thursday, 7:00 p.m., Lodge Great Room




Contact: DD Parker, 614-477-6206, osborn_dd@yahoo.com and

               Dave Miller, 740-503-4741, wdmiller55@ymail.com

The Social Committee works to provide entertainment for the Hide-A-Way Hills Club community. The committee’s fundraising efforts are generally used to fund concert events at the Amphitheater amenity, along with other community events.


The Committee was responsible for the construction of the Amphitheater amenity near the Lodge.  The Amphitheater is used to bring together food, music and entertainment for the members' enjoyment.  The Amphitheater amenity is available and can be reserved by members for special events, like weddings and graduation parties.


All members are encouraged to participate when the Social Committee has fundraising events, raffles, auctions and donation drives. The Committee needs, appreciates and thanks all volunteers, past, present and future for their help and support.

Stay current by becoming friends with the "HAH Social Committee" on Facebook.

Meetings:  4th Thursday of the month, 7:15 p.m., Great Room


Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool

Contact: Robie Snoke, 740-243-7744, rgsnoke@yahoo.com


The Swimming Pool Committee was formed in April 2015. More information on this committee to come.

No set meeting time



Tennis Practice

Contact: Dave Rowe, 740-569-6237, dprowe6504@aol.com

The Tennis Committee coordinates and promotes all activities for tennis enthusiasts and beginners at HAH and also performs some court maintenance. Committee members schedule regular monthly parties for all skill levels that include both drills and mixed doubles play on the two new asphalt courts. The summer season schedule typically includes teen and youth fun days for beginners; racquets, balls, and instruction are provided.

No set meeting time


Utilities Services

Utility Pole

The members of Utility Services Committee started it up after a period of dormancy in Jan 2020.  We’re still learning and focused on a variety of projects including trying to add an additional cell provider, completing a Resource Directory (click below) where members have volunteered their expertise to consult on HAH projects with 100’s of skills represented, working with South Central Power to bury the main line from HAH Rd to past the CH, Lodge and through the back gate, Community Survey to gain insight and more.  All of the Utility Services Committee monthly meetings are via Zoom so feel free to join us and see what we are all about and currently working on.  We are growing and making an impact.

Contact: Eric Boysko, 614-401-3014, ericboysko@yahoo.com  


See the Google Calendar for meeting dates & times