Hide-A-Way Hills Golf Course and Clubhouse

The Course & Clubhouse


Our challenging nine-hole Golf Course is available for use by all members and their guests. Men's & Women's leagues, scrambles and special events are available. Guests pay a modest fee.


Carts are available to rent. 


The Clubhouse offers a limited, but tasty menu, including a selection of paninis. Legal beverages are available for purchase and include our very own club-brewed beers, Rushcreek Lager & Pale Ale.  


Call us at: 740-569-7271.

2020 Golf Schedule


All tournaments are sanctioned by the HAH Golf Committee and the HAH Board of Trustees. Members must be current on assessments to play. Family guests and social guests may play as long as their sponsor member is current on assessments. Social guests must pay green fee.


MEMBER GUEST OUTING – Players must be 21 years old.



The Calcutta


The Calcutta is an annual 18-hole scramble held each autumn.  The event is open to all members in good standing with an established golf handicap.  Teams are selected in a blind-drawing  from groups divided by handicap. Handicap fee is $10 and should be paid by June 1 each summer. A minimum of 10 nine-hole scores is required to play in The Calcutta.


There is a wooden box in the clubhouse for your fee and scorecards. Please include your name and lot number on the envelope when paying your fee.

HAH members always have priority to play over a family or social guest.


USGA rules apply unless superceded by local HAH rules.  

 Players must be at least 18 years old.  An "auction" and dinner are held before the competition where members "bid" on the teams.  


For all Calcutta rules, click the button above.


The course is closed for league play on Wednesdays from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. Teams are drawn from previous year’s league membership roster.

New players can sign up at the Club House. You will need to include your handicap for nine holes of golf and attend the organizational meeting at the Club House.


The Men’s League usually has ten (10) five-person teams for a total of 50 players. Team members are selected by handicaps. Substitute players are always needed and are encouraged to sign up.

Telephone:  1-740-569-4195   |     Email: hahoffice@hahclub.net    |   Location: 29042 Hide-A-Way Hills Rd, Sugar Grove OH 43155

Club USPS Mailing Address:  RR 1, Box 1, Bremen OH 43107