HAH Administrative Staff

General Manager

Jeff Harper

Email: gm@hahclub.net

Assistant Manager

Penny Johnson

Email: hahoffice@hahclub.net

Administrative Assistant

Christina Hall

Email: admin@hahclub.net

Mailing Address:

Hide-A-Way Hills Club

RR 1 Box 1

Bremen OH  43107-9100


Office Telephone: 740-569-4195

Office Fax: 740-569-4036

E-Mail: hahoffice@hahclub.net



Monday thru Friday 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

*Due to COVID-19, the HAH Office remains closed to ALL walk-in business.
Please email or if you have business you need
to conduct at the Office, please call 740-569-4195 for an appointment.


In cases of emergency, contact security at:

740-569-4187 or 740-746-9589


Telephone:  1-740-569-4195   |     Email: hahoffice@hahclub.net    |   Location: 29042 Hide-A-Way Hills Rd, Sugar Grove OH 43155

Club USPS Mailing Address:  RR 1, Box 1, Bremen OH 43107