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Rules and Regulations

Hide-a-Way Hills Club is operated by a nine-member Board of Trustees. At the regular annual membership meeting, the third Sunday of August, all members can vote for three members to serve as members of the Board.

The Board, in turn, appoints five (5) members as a Management Committee. This committee controls the day-to-day operations of the Club. They serve at the pleasure of the Board. All Board and Management committee members serve without pay or compensation of any kind.

Your rights and responsibilities as property owners of Hide-A-Way Hills are covered by the protective covenants of your deed. These rights and responsibilities as members of Hide-A-Way Hills Club are covered by Hide-A-Way Hills Club General Code of Regulations. The Code of Regulations was approved by the membership for self-governing and can only be amended by a two-thirds vote of the membership. A ten-day notice must be sent to all members prior to the meeting advising them of the time, location and the amendment as it will be voted on at that meeting.

The Hide-A-Way Hills rules control the use of the "Hills" facilities by its members and are authorized in the recorded covenants. These are normally written by a committee, appointed by the Board, to study and make recommendations for the operations of a particular facility. The Board has the power to adopt, make additions, deletions, and corrections to all the rules.

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