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New Members

Welcome to Hide-A-Way Hills!  This page is intended to help answer the early questions that most new members have. If you don't find what you need here, try looking at the Members Information tab on this site.  You can also contact a liaison from the New Member Committee (see Committees tab), or you can call the HAH office at 740-569-4195.

Hide-A-Way-Hills Club is operated by a volunteer Board of Trustees elected by the membership. These elections are generally held each August.  A Management Committee is comprised of 5 members appointed by the Board who volunteer their time to oversee the Club's operations including the Office staff, maintenance, security and the food services. The current members of each group and their contact information can be found under the Member Information tab on this site.

The HAH Office provides all new members with the following information:


  • Welcome letter

  • Notification of Security Code

  • Family Guest Pass Request & Vehicle Registration Form*

  • Membership cards

  • Request for dog tags*

  • Gift Certificate for a free Membership Directory

The following documents are available for viewing and printing under the

New Members Information tab on this Website:

  • Hide-A-Way Hills Club Rules*

  • Amended and Restated Code of Regulations*

  • Deed Restrictions for Hide-A-Way Hills*

  • Building Code*

If you are missing any of these items, please contact the office staff at 740-569-4195 or email:

The Wave?

You'll find that the HAH Community is a friendly one, and most other members will wave to you as you pass them in the car.   Feel free to wave back!



Contact Information is provided for local hospitals and urgent care facilities.  Click here for information.

Maps of Hide-A-Way Hills can be obtained at the front gate from HAH Security. Security can also direct you to the Lodge. The Office is at the rear and lower level of the Lodge. In case you don't have a map handy, signs along the road will point the way. Click here for directions to Hide-A-Way Hills

Getting Started - Rules to Know

Click here to view important rules that everyone needs to know right away. Be sure to read all of the rules which can be found under the Member Information tab on this site.  

Planning to Build, Renovate, or Paint an Exterior? Or Remove a Tree?

Don't do anything until you check into it.   HAH's building code can be found under the Members Information tab on this site. For more information, you can contact the Architectural Control Committee (see info on this also under the Member Information tab) for permit information, fees and authorization. Failure to do so can result in fines.

Walking Your Dog, Dog Tags, and Local Vet Info

Click here to view tips from HAH Security Staff that you will find helpful.

All dogs in the Hills must have a HAH dog tag.  You can find the form to request a tag under the Members Information/Forms tab or pick it up from the  Security staff at the front gate.  See additional information on the attached document for recommended places to walk your dog and for information on area veterinary hospitals and clinics.

Floating your boat.....or kayak or canoe or...

If it floats, it needs to be registered.  Boat registration forms can be found on the Forms section of the Member Information tab.  


A limited number of club docks are available at no cost to members. Contact the HAH Office at 740-569-4195 to apply for a dock and to be put on the waiting list.

Mail Deliveries

Check out how to address mail and/or packages to be delivered to your HAH address by clicking on the Local/Contact link. 

Managing Your Utilities

Telephone numbers for a number of local utility companies can be found on this website under Member Information, Local Area Key Contact Information. Also, find non-emergency phone numbers for local fire and police here. 

Additional Helpful Links 

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